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Queen ShanShan is the Founder and CEO of A Broad Productions. She is also the Host of the popular podcast- A BROAD CAST PODCAST. She has traveled all over the world and desires to share her experiences, visions, and “A Broad” perspective with the world. A Broad Productions is a social media company whose vision expands to explore TRAVEL, FOOD, BEAUTY AND CULTURE on a different level. On the podcast,  she invites co-hosts to spill the ‘hot tea’ of the week when it comes to pop-culture, entertainment, and “water cooler’ off the cuff conversations. As an entrepreneur, and creator Queen ShanShan understands how challenging it is to start a new business or establishing momentum in the business/secular environment. It is her vision to create a safe space for new and upcoming businesses and help them grow socially and share their talents. A Broad Productions is a community leader and will lead the way to a social media standard that local or international businesses will follow.


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